Statement Dr. Rüdiger Grube

Die Digitalisierung bietet für das Verkehrsmittel Bahn und den öffentlichen Verkehr insgesamt enorme Chancen. Bei der Deutschen Bahn ist die Digitalisierung von Produkten und Prozessen daher in vollem Gange.

Konzernweit gibt es kaum einen Bereich, der nicht an wegweisenden Lösungen für die Mobilität von morgen arbeitet. Mittlerweile sind über alle Geschäftsfelder hinweg mehr als 260 Digitalisierungsprojekte aktiv.

Bestes Beispiel ist „Colibri“ von der DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung, das für Coach Link for Broadband Information Exchange steht. Dieses Programm umfasst eine Reihe von innovativen IT-Lösungen entlang der gesamten Reisekette. „Colibri“ vereint zahlreiche Produktverbesserungen, die wir für unsere Kunden vorantreiben: Für unsere Geschäftspartner aus der Bahnindustrie geht es vor allem um 4.0-Lösungen in der Fahrzeuginstandhaltung, beispielsweise um intelligente, zustandsabhängige Wartung. Für unsere Fahrgäste im Personenverkehr entwickelt „Colibri“ IT-Lösungen für kostenloses WLAN in Fern- und Nahverkehrszügen, für eine verbesserte Reisenden-Information und eine Am-Platz-Mediathek, die in Deutschland im öffentlichen Personenverkehr einmalig ist.

Neue Angebote auf den Markt bringen, Dinge anders und neu denken sowie Ideen agil umsetzen – das ist heute im immer härter werdenden Wettbewerb so wichtig wie nie zuvor. „Colibri“ ist ein gutes Beispiel, wie wir innerhalb der DB mit gutem Innovationsmanagement unsere Zukunft absichern und unsere Wettbewerbsfähigkeit erhalten.

Die Digitalisierung ist auch wichtiger Treiber bei unserem Konzernumbau, mit dem wir unser Unternehmen neu ausrichten. Denn in Zukunft wollen wir die Deutsche Bahn schneller, schlanker, effizienter und kundenorientierter aufstellen.

Eines liegt auf der Hand: Der Weg zu einer wettbewerbsfähigen und wirtschaftlich erfolgreichen DB führt auch in Zukunft über Innovationen.

Das Produktportfolio „Colibri“ leistet einen entscheidenden Beitrag, das Verkehrsmittel Bahn weiter zu stärken. Ein Verkehrsmittel, das im digitalen Zeitalter immer einfacher und im Vergleich zu anderen Verkehrsmitteln auch immer bequemer wird. Dass die Bahn ohnehin das sicherste, energieeffizienteste und umweltfreundlichste Verkehrsmittel ist, bestärkt uns darin, Innovationen weiter voranzutreiben und in die Zufriedenheit unserer Kunden zu investieren. < weniger

Dr. Rüdiger Grube,
Vorstandsvorsitzender Deutsche Bahn AG

Welcome to Colibri!
Colibri uses state of the art technology for the entire travel chain to improve customer satisfaction and profitability. The modular portfolio includes basic products, applications and maintenance solutions.


Colibri uses state of the art technology for the entire travel chain to improve customer satisfaction and profitability. The modular portfolio includes basic products, applications and maintenance solutions.

Workshop of DB Heavy MaintenanceX
  • The development and testing of all Colibri products on their technical operability takes place at our DB vehicle maintenance workshop in Wittenberge. The heart of the Colibri product family is located in the so-called “train lab”. There, our system engineers develop the products and then test them directly within a simulated train environment.
  • Before a Colibri product is incorporated into a customer's vehicle, it needs to be configured, ie the hardware is recorded with the right software and the set up according to the customer’s needs. This ensures that, for example, the correct company logo will be displayed on the screens on board.
  • The product configuration is followed by the installation of the hardware into the vehicles, a process that relies on the knowledge and engineering expertise of our system engineers. The installation and commissioning can be done both at our DB vehicle maintenance workshops as well as our clients’ workshops.
  • The service notebooks we use for the maintenance of the Colibri systems can also be used for maintenance or by on-site technicians for problem solving.
Next Steps: Setting up a further train workshop at the Nuremberg plant with emphasis on EMUs.
Ticker centreX
  • The employees of the ticker-central provide the systems with up-to-date information, while messages are being displayed on monitors or the mobile devices of the passengers.
  • The spectrum of information can range from major disruptions to the transmission of football results.
  • As the ticker-central has direct access to the display on the monitors and the devices of the clients, there is a constant connection at any time to all vehicles that are equipped with a modem.
  • By means of so-called “text-to-speech technology”, texts that are created in the ticker central are converted into announcements on the train and automated voice messages to the mobile devices of passengers.
Backoffice remote control systemX
  • In addition to the content management, the management of Colibri products is also carried out by a back-office. Company management includes all activities and processes which ensure that the Colibri system remains current and functional at all times.
  • For example, operational management ensures the monitoring of all vehicles equipped with a Colibri system at a glance i.e. on only one screen which depicts a large amount of data in a compact graphic.
  • Using a remote control of all vehicles in which a Colibri diagnostic system is installed can also minimize the number of unnecessary maintenance orders in the future. Instead of performing maintenance contracts based on a fixed time window, as is the case today, the back-office will implement a condition-based maintenance by evaluating daily updated data of the vehicles.
Backoffice content management systemX
  • The Central task of the back-office is the editorial of the so-called "landing page”, i.e. the home page in the web browser or the app which passengers reach when they connect to the Colibri system.
  • Our staff selects and delivers content, for example movies, music, audio books and local information, which are being displayed to passengers through the system onto the screens of their mobile devices.
  • In addition to the compilation of various content, staff at the back-office are also responsible for marketing of products: For example, passengers could be targeted with advertising on the landing page while navigating between two films, which could mean additional advertising revenue for the system provider.
  • The aim is to offer attractive content to distract passengers from an intensive use of WLAN in the case of poor external connection. The use of Colibri products will be refinanced through the placement of advertising.
  • The locating function can determine the location and condition of a vehicle on the rail network or the street.
  • Position data are sometimes required to measure the performance of transport contracts.
  • Data for locating are being exchanged between the following three units:
    • a computer on board the vehicles
    • several satellites that are part of the worldwide Global Positioning System (short: GPS)
    • and a stationary back-office on the land side, which evaluates and processes the data in order to provide it to other services.
  • The advantages of using such a positioning system in combination with an analysis of the data are clear: they range from the precise determination of the arrival times of buses and trains to rapid detection of vehicles in a widely ramified transport network.
WiFi from door to doorX
  • Colibri-WLAN is a scalable wireless solution with free internet for customers. The system can be used on cars (Colibri-WP), busses (Colibri-WB), trains (Colibri-WR) and as a stationary solution (Colibri-WS).
  • The system is based on a legally secure operator concept incorporating the aspects of liability for interference, the requirements of the TKG and data protection. The use of DNS filtering prevents access to unwanted websites.
  • The assignment of an Internet address for the customer happens via a captive portal through DHCP and the customer receives access to the Internet after accepting the terms and conditions of the operator.
  • Through VPN tunneling high user acceptance is achieved in mobile systems. The system includes a bandwidth management to control costs.
  • Content can be delivered to the browser or app of clients through a customizable Landing Page with the "look and feel" of the provider.
  • Google Analytics or Splunk evaluate traffic to optimize the landing page and for billing purposes (in advertising).
Travel information systemX
  • The Travel Information System is designed to provide travelers with relevant announcements and messages, with focus on current information about train movements and connecting trains.
  • Access to the RIS HTTP interface and / or other data hubs is planned to serve as source for data, which includes current data (so-called real-time data). By using a real-time data source, data is displayed on all devices simultaneously.
  • The exchange of information is happening either via voice prompts, via text messages on exterior and interior displays of vehicles, via passenger monitors (in a desired logic and design) as well as via the landing page on the device displayed to the customer when using Colibri-WIFI. Events are being triggered by time or by reached waypoints.
  • The principal aim of the travel information is to allow travelers to be able to make their decisions based on the most current information available.
Video surveillanceX
  • The central task of the video system is to provide video material as evidence in the case of investigations. The video data itself is stored 72 hours on a hard disk and then automatically overwritten.
  • To read the data, a separate evaluation space is required, which is only available to the police. Therefore the privacy rights of the passengers are always 100% guaranteed.
  • The system of video surveillance consists of the following elements:
    • storage medium for recording and collection of video files
    • touchscreen PC for diagnosis of cameras and
    • various video cameras in the vehicles, which are powered via ethernet cable.
Next Steps: We are currently planning to add an emergency option to the system. If an emergency button is being switched, the video streams are to be transmitted live into a security office. The modem functionality of Colibri-WFI is to be used for transmission.
Mobile serviceX
  • In case a Colobri product is not functioning as it should, the relevant component can be repaired at a DB vehicle maintenance workshop, or a mobile service team of technicians will solve the problem on site within 24 hours.
  • The aim of our mobile service technicians is the widest possible availability of operative systems.
  • Contact with the mobile service teams can be established through either the Back-Office "Remote Control System" (short: RCS), or through a predetermined contact person. This results in a targeted and efficient support for troubleshooting at all times.
  • Mobile teams can also be used for the installation of Colibri systems at near-service workshops.
Train-to-land communicationX
  • A universal modem provides for broadband train to land communication, which may contain WLAN functionality for clients. Here the sectors customer-WIFi and business applications (automatic passenger counting, video, localization, RIS, diagnosis) are non-reactively disconnected.
  • When used as a standalone PC the following items are needed:
    • Box PC
    • modem card with up to 4 slots for SIM cards
    • 2 notch filters to ensure the absence of feedback on existing GSM systems
    • outdoor antenna (2xLTE UMTS GPRS, WLAN, GPS)
    • cabling
  • The universal modem on the vehicle has an ethernet interface and is integrated into the base network. The modem takes over the entire bi-directional data communication between train and land in one unit.
Passenger countingX
  • The automatic passenger count is used to determine the number of transported passengers and their length of stay on the train. The demand on certain routes can be easily determined through both of these parameters. Often, these data are also used for the distribution of income in traffic contracts.
  • The system, which has a counting accuracy of over 98%, consists of four elements:
    • central computer
    • a detection and control unit (a so-called "capture-and-compare unit".) For connected sensors and
    • door sensors for exterior doors, where two laser light grids per door detect the number and direction of moving persons.
Next Steps: The current system should be extended to include sensors at the vehicle crossings. The data from the censors on the outer and transition doors give a unique value for the degree of capacity of the vehicle. This information is used for the guidance of travelers and vehicle control (eg climate).
  • The diagnostic function provides and displays status information about connected systems and saves possible corruptions within a file (so-called. Log file).
  • In the event of an error, train staff, customer service and workshop employees can immediately access preset troubleshooting information on a touchscreen.
  • The basic system consists of the following three components:
    • PC with touch screen,
    • Software-image for display control and
    • Memory system for log files.
  • When using the diagnostic functionality in conjunction with the network function of Colibri the entire train can be supervised and diagnosed via one single touch screen.
Next Steps: The transfer of vehicle status updates to a Back-Office enables an online monitoring of the situation. The data of the diagnosis in conjunction with travel data can consequently be used for a data-driven, demand-driven and anticipatory maintenance (Predictive Maintenance).
  • The network functionality allows more than two distributors (Engl .: switch) to connect all systems of a vehicle to one single network. Individual vehicles of a railway network can be connected through a gangway plug so that information can easily be exchanged between wagons in the form of bits and bytes.
  • The hardware of a wagon consists of the following elements:
    • a distributor (called Switch 8/16/24 Port.) per wagon, ie in sum at least two distributors per wagon and
    • connection of the routers with a network cable (so-called. Cat 5 or Cat 7 cables), optional fiber-optic cables are also possible.
  • The transmission rate within a vehicle is 100 Mbit, the link between vehicles is established via a 1Gbit cabling.
  • The basic network is also able to determine the position and direction of vehicles in the train.
Werk DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung
  • Entwicklung und Tests der Systeme
  • Konfigurationsmanagement
  • Einbau in die Fahrzeuge
  • Servicenotebooks
Information der Fahrgäste auf Fahrzeug-
monitor oder Device des Kunden, z.B.
Großstörungen und Fußballergebnisse
WLAN von Tür zu Tür
Reiseinformation, kostenfreies Internet
und Entertainment für Fahrgäste
in Bahnhöfen, Zügen, Bussen und Autos
Alle Zugtypen
Stationäre Systeme
Backoffice CMS
  • Bereitstellung und Vermarktung
    von Content
  • Werbung im Kundenauftrag
Mobiler Service
Einbau und Problemlösung
vor Ort
Backoffice RCS (Remote Control System)
  • Betriebsführung der Colibri Produkte
  • Remote Überwachung der Fahrzeuge
  • Auslösen von Instandhaltungsaufträgen
Übertragung von Positionsdaten
auf die Landseite und Nutzung
im Fahrzeug
Information der Fahrgäste durch Sprachansagen,
Text auf Außen- und Innenanzeigen und Fahr-
gastmonitoren über Zuglauf und Anschluss-
Zugüberwachung mit
72h Speicher
Automatische Fahrgastzählung
an Außen- und Innentüren
Touch Screen mit Speicher von Hilfetexten
für ZUB/KIN und Werkstatt sowie Speicherung
und Übertragung von Daten auf Landseite
100 Mbit/1GBit Netzwerk
Zug-Land Kommunikation
Breitbandige Zug-Land Kommuni-
kation mit bis zu 8 LTE Karten

WiFi for customers

Colibri-W is a scalable wireless solution for all stations and passenger transport vehicles (buses, trains and rental cars). In addition to free internet for customers, the system serves as a modem for operational communications between the vehicle / stationary solution and back office.

  • The back-office uses standard tools by renowned providers such as Splunk or Google to make a traffic analysis of the Colibri landing page and its sub-pages.
  • In this way, data can be generated for the assessment of user behavior. This data refers to both the content of the site (eg length of stay), as well as sales, so called conversions, and advertising.
  • The analysis is an essential building block for a continuous development of the content management of Colibri.
Bandwidth managementX
  • Besides free internet, the Colibri solution also enables the users to deposit purchased volumes or time tariffs.
  • With free internet access for the user, bandwidth management avoids the exceedance of a predetermined financial bandwidth limit previously determined by the client. To achieve this goal, the traffic is continuously monitored. Upon reaching thresholds a system intervention takes place to stay within limits.
  • Bandwidth management is the main agent to assure compliance with costs. A free (fast) data volume is defined for each user. When exceeding this volume of data, the user’s bandwidth is being throttled.
  • In addition to monitoring and controlling, the back office also issues invoices for the client. Consumption accounts of service providers and accounts for revenues from advertising, affiliate, shops are checked and passed on to the client.
Content managementX
  • A back-office team carries out the selection and maintenance of content accessible by passengers via the WLAN. This team is responsible for the curation of the landing page, which is designed specifically according to the wishes of the client. The setting and updating of content is carried out according to the guidelines and in consultation with the client within defined time frames.
  • To perform this task, employees use a content management system for the Colibri landing page. An access to the content management system is available to clients on request, which means clients can perform the editorial work with the content management system themselves.
  • By booking advertising (sponsorship, banners, videos, etc.) on the landing page, advertisers get the opportunity to directly target travelers. This generated income plays an important part in refinancing the cost of the Colibri solution. The communication with advertisers is carried out with the assistance of a marketer. The type and intensity of advertising is determined by the client.
  • In addition to direct advertising, affiliate marketing is also possible. The Colibri solution offers the possibility of integrating links to other websites. Revenues are achieved through the use of a link itself (pay per click) or through purchases on the linked pages (Pay per Sale).
  • A third possibility is the direct marketing of products within the Colibri solution. Offers for daily use, i.e. food would be ideal here. During the trip, the traveler can order, pay and simply pick up the goods at their destination. These opportunities need to be developed with the supplying partners in coordination with the client.
Landing pageX
  • When passengers connect via a mobile device to the wireless network, they are being automatically directed to the landing page. From here, all content such as entertainment and services can be accessed.
  • The landing page is designed according to each client, ie it appears in the "look and feel" of the client with corresponding colors and corporate logos.
  • Great care is given during the technical implementation of the landing page to program and structure it as simple and clear as possible. This ensures fast navigation with all popular web browsers and a fast customization of content is possible by both the client and the back-office.
Culinary offerX
  • The WLAN product by Colibri makes it possible for passengers to place a fast and convenient order of culinary offers at the onboard restaurant. The subsequent payment of the ordered food and drinks is supposed to be as simple as the order itself.
  • The integrated payment system is safe and ensures a protected payment process, ie against hacker attacks.
  • Special offers at the on-board restaurant can also be placed on the landing page . In case of decreased supply (for example, a specific food product is out of stock), the affected products can simply be removed from the product portfolio.
  • In addition to Internet access for travelers, Colibri offers entertainment, such as movies, music, audio books and current newspapers, making them accessible through a web browser or an app.
  • The content provided is partly free, partly with costs. Payment is made via an integrated payment system. In films there is a GEMA-free and GEMA-paid offering.
  • The compilation of the content is carried out by a back-office team, who is also responsible for editing the landing page. The Content Management System (CMS) places the content into the systems. Depending on size and frequency, the contents reach the respective stations on the vehicles via the GSM, UMTS, LTE connection or via a wireless connection. The stationary solution with connection to the fixed network can be constantly updated.
  • The aim is to provide the traveler with an attractive range of entertainment in case of an insufficient external connection. In addition, the costs of the operator for data usage can be limited by “distracting” travelers from the excessive use of the Internet.
Travel serviceX
  • The menu of the landing page directs passengers to ticketing sites. The variety of offers matches the respective client.
  • In addition to the purchase of train tickets, the booking of flights, hotels and cars is also possible. Thus, a comprehensive service for the entire travel chain can be offered. Payment is made via the integrated payment system.
Next Steps: The Colibri system allows seat reservations on board. Seats are being marked in selected areas of vehicles and are directly bookable by the user. The booking is made by means of digital online tickets which will be sent directly to the e-mail address of the user.
Real-time travel informationX
  • Nothing is more annoying for travelers than having to make a decision based on already obsolete information. In order to prevent this problem, Colibri relies on the supply of real-time data when displaying information, e.g. of train routings or connections.
  • This means that data is accessed through one or several sources which assure the supply of real-time data in order to always stay up to date on all kinds of current delays or disruptions in the travel itinerary and to give information about connections.
Trafficanalyse mittels Google Analytics /
Splunk Big Data Management
Überwachung und Steuerung der
Zielkosten für Internet-Datenverkehr
und Erstellung von Abrechnungen
Content Management
Bereitstellung von Inhalten und
Redaktion der Landing Page
im Auftrag des Kunden
Reisenden Echtzeitinformation
Information des Fahrgastes aus
einer Datenquelle RIS HTTP
Erlöse durch Werbung,
Affiliate Marketing,
Anbindung von Shops
Landing Page
Schneller und sicherer Zugriff mit
Webbrowser oder einer App im
„look and feel“ des Kunden
Filme, Musik, Hörbücher
oder aktuelle Zeitungen
Automatische Ansagen
Aus Texten werden Ansagen
Kulinarische Angebote
Schnelle, bequeme Bestellung im
Bordrestaurant, Bezahlung über
integriertes Payment System
Buchung von Tickets und

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